Specialty of One Touch Ultra Test Strips

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Diabetes Care
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One Touch Ultra Test Strips are one of the important components of a diabetes screening system. These are essential parts of monitoring blood glucose level. These strips cannot act on their own; in fact they are utilized in combination with a blood glucose monitor. First of all, a diabetic person collects their blood sample by using lancet then he applies blood sample to the Glucose test strip. The blood glucose monitor helps in showing the result that how much blood glucose is present in the patient’s body. With the help of regular blood glucose testing you can take care of your meal and work out choices as well as to keep a look over on your sugar level…either your sugar level is increasing or decreasing.

ImageAbout One Touch Ultra Test Strips :
These test strips are specially designed and scientifically approved blood glucose testing strips where you have put your blood sample and attached with a blood glucose meter and after that in a very short span of times, you can get the present glucose level in your blood. This result can help you to determine what step should be taken as per your current condition according to the doctor’s advice. These stripes are made with good quality of material. These are easily fitted with a glucose meter. You can carry it anywhere when you are traveling. It has good design.

Features :

  • These are used for blood glucose testing with OneTouch Ultra Family of Meters and InduoSystems.
  • It removes falsely elevated results from other sugars.
  • Its Double Sure Technology automatically checks each blood sample twice.
  • Fast draws design test strips
  • It needs only a tiny blood sample.
  • It automatically collects blood into the test strip.
  • It is totally hygienic.

How do the test strips work ?
Diabetes test strips are a very useful component of  of a diabetes screening system. They do not work on their own. They are utilized in conjunction with a blood glucose monitor.

Step 1: First of all you have to collect blood samples from your finger by using a lancet.
Step 2 : Apply the blood sample on the testing strips.
Step 3: Attach this test strip with a blood glucose meter.
Step 4: After that glucose meter shows your blood sugar level easily on its screen.

As per its result you have to take medication according to the doctor and keep checking your blood glucose level on a daily basis.

Where can you take these test strips ?
There is a large variety of blood glucose testing strips in the market. But, One Touch Ultra 2 Test Strips are one of the best testing strips. Now, you can buy it from India’s number one fastest and renowned healthcare shopping portal www. Healthgenie.in with an affordable price even seating in your home. Its easy operation system uplifts this product in a higher position in the market.

Choose the best one! Try it and get benefits by using this product. Now diabetes control and management are easy with this testing strip. Accuracy and efficiency always give better treatment for you.

Source URL: http://www.zimbio.com/Diabetes/articles/UQi2CFQMWYb/Specialty+One+Touch+Ultra+Test+Strips


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