Fast Selling One Touch Glucose Meter

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Diabetes Care
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Introducing a high class Glucose Meter with One Touch feature. It helps you to measure your blood glucose level as well as ensure that if you have Blood sugar or not. This device is equipped with no-coding blood glucose meter that enables easy functioning for routine monitoring of the blood glucose level at home as per your convenience. This device has huge demand in the market for its icon-driven interface with no coding, no setup, no buttons, user-friendly features. You have to just insert the strip to start and then apply blood after that reading can get at a fraction of seconds. Get results with one touch application!

One Touch Glucometer

One Touch Glucose Meter :
This Glucose Meter is presented by Johnson & Johnson. It has lots of useful functionality such as no-coding, no-button icon driven interface meter that allows you to monitor your daily blood glucose level at home. The easy operational system can make it a unique product of great utility. The monitor does not need any setup and its compact design makes it easy to carry for anywhere. It is recommended by doctors for its consistently accurate reading. It ensures your doctor to customize your action plan empowering you to better understand what corrective steps to take with the high-low alarm reference card.

Benefits of Glucose Meter :
• Equipped with no-coding technology.
• Aids in easy monitoring of blood glucose levels.
• It has color and audio alert for glucose level fluctuations.
• It has no-coding, no setup and no buttons.
• It helps you to determine how good you are achieving overall treatment goals.
• Helps to make diet and exercise affect blood sugar levels.
• Detects blood sugar levels that are high or low.

Functionality of Different Features:
• High-low color and audio alerts : With color and audio alerts, you can receive alert during that time when blood glucose levels are very high/ high and low.
• High-low alarm reference card : It helps your doctor to make your action plan empowering you to better understand what corrective action to take, when alerted of extremely high/ low blood glucose levels. So you can identify hypoglycemic episodes immediately. You can take doctor’s advice.
• No-coding, no setup and no buttons : It includes an icon-driven interface with no coding, no setup or no buttons. Just put the strip to start, apply blood, and results can be received in a matter of seconds.

Drawback of Glucose Meter :
This device is frequent and consistent self monitoring of blood glucose testing machine which is important for the healthy management of diabetes. By keeping testing result, you can easily control your high glucose problem and decreases the chances of suffering serious diabetic problems. This device is basically used for initial diagnosis for long-term treatment. Diabetes Care Management is very difficult for patients. This device is designed to keep testing easier for the patient. These beneficial features decrease the risk of any manual errors and providing you confidence on test reliability. With this device, you can take quick step and prevent diabetic deterioration or emergency.

Conclusion :
Lead easy and active life with this advance class device! To make best diabetes free life, use this high class and renowned product. Change your life by applying one touch access!

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