Music Therapy Is The Alternative Medicine For Diabetes

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Diabetes Care
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In this busy schedule of lifestyle, we are not cautious for our health and welcome too many diseases. Now-a-days diabetes is a common disease found in the age of 20-70 years. A rigorous study of medical practitioners shows that there are many facets where stress is directly linked to diabetes. And due to this stressful life we are not paying sufficient time for our health, not taking proper healthy diet or physical workout. Type 2 diabetes implies that the deformity in glucose levels as a result of stress and on the opposite part, stress-induced changes in eating habits.

Music therapy is an alternative way of treating psychological disorders and diseases because it upsurge the ability to concentrate and make innovative plans, avails to express emotions and to bogus mental conceptions.

Music TherapyIt’s no doubt that music can improve your psychological parameters , and the improvement of your willpower  stands by the idea of using music in therapeutic purposes, for type 2 diabetic patients.

Diabetes is mainly an outcome of stress and as a reverse music is known for stress remover. Proper music layout therapy stimulates the Beta Cell activity in the organ and brings normality over a period in all facets. Sometimes Blood sugar level is deeply overwhelmed by our emotional situations. Rejuvenating Music dramatically reduces the stress and establishes a state of calmness. The music vibration stimulates and thrills the nerves and beta cell activities. Research claim that Rejuvenating Music Sound Therapy reduces stress and regenerate our nerves. It gives positive response and internationally it is tested.

Benefits of Music Therapy:

  • Music influences the lower and higher cerebral centers of our brain.
  • Music can act as a medicine in an individual’s personal harmony.
  • Music therapy implement in the treatment of both psychological and psychosomatic disorders.
  • Music Therapy stimulates good vibrations in the nerves of the listeners.
  •  It avails to clear the discarded thought in mind and brings positive frame in mind.
  •  Music Therapy improves your concentration level.
  • Music training avails to express refined exhibition of emotions.

music therapy The present day negative stress leads to many physiological delicate situations with affecting many organs. Heart and Pancreas are most affected organs. In the Diabetic, carbohydrate supply of the liver is low and as a consequence of lack of insulin. Because of that lack, sugar cannot find the way from the blood into the liver and other cells that require it. And as an effect the blood sugar level is high. The sugar in the form of complicated carbohydrate (glycogen), which is relinquished into the blood stream on demand. The refined music stimulates the Beta Cell activity in the organ and maintains normality over a period. In emotion blood sugar level is often affected. Music plays a sublime role in this aspect.

Type 2 diabetes imperatively insinuates that the abnormalities in blood glucose levels as a result of stress are associated, on one side, with hormones that are involved in the metabolism of glucose, and on the other side, with stress-induced vicissitudes in eating habits. Depressive symptoms found in diabetic patients are: fatigue, lack of hope and decrement of libido, slumber disorders

Research found that nearly 30% of the people suffering from diabetes are depressed, and 10% are in major dejection. Both diabetes and depressions are paramount factors that have contributed to the functional incapacity of middle aged people.


Music influences our mind and emotions with stimulating the superior and inferior cerebral centers so that music therapy stands as a remedy for one’s personal harmony. Music therapy is a consequential way of treating psychological disorders as well as psychosomatic diseases because it beget psychological wellness, increases the ability to concentrate on our plans and activity. Stress leads to physiological disorders and can determine functional disorders of multiple organs. For example, the hepatic carbohydrates resources of diabetic patients are low as a consequence of insulin deficiency. This shortage does not sanction sugar to pass from blood to the liver or to other cells that need it, and this is why, the blood sugar level remains elevated. Sugar is a form of an intricate carbohydrate called glycogen, which is put into the circulation of the blood on demand, through epinephrine. Classic music stimulates the activity of Beta cells in the organs and ascertains normality for a given period of time. In emotional situations, the blood sugar level is affected.

Music therapy is an alternative way to fight against Diabetes. But our alertness and having knowledge in diabetes is the best medicine. It’s recommended by the physicist to monitor your glucose level and take music therapy as a weapon for your diabetes care.

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