BODY FAT MONITOR – A Perfect Measuring Machine

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Diabetes Care
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You and your friend have the same body weight, but still he is leaner? Or is it that you have been exercising like hell, but still the weighing machine’s pointer denies moving to the left. Wondering why and how?

Here’s the saga! When you diet hard and exercise harder, you are not always necessarily breaking the body fat. Instead, sometimes it’s the muscles that are being wasted. Wondering how that can be? Well its nature plus science. Different body types, different body compositions, and therefore different effects of even similar diet plans and exercises. So, what to do?

The help is right here – the Body fat monitor. It shows your total body weight with separated manner like your total fat of your body and tell you how much you have extra which you have reduced. It is nothing but the solution to the dilemma of analyzing the exact percentage of fat present in your body compared to everything else, i.e. organs, muscles, bones, water, etc. An average man is supposed to have a body fat percentage of around 14-25% and an average woman’s body fat percentage should be around 21-31 %.
In order to know if you have that extra body fat, body fat monitor is what you need to have. It is a simple device to be either held in hand or to stand over and the digital screen will show you the percentage of the fat present in your body.

With this device you can work wonders while keeping a track of how much body fat you are being able to target through your diet plans and exercises. It will help you to realize what sorts of diet and exercise patterns suits you the most and how overweight or underweight you actually are despite looking leaner or heavier respectively. So, ditch the conventional weighing machines as their results may be mere illusions of the actual state of your physical fitness.


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