Diabetes Care: Stay Fit With Blood Glucose Meter

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Diabetes Care

Many people nowadays suffer from diabetes, especially senior citizens, therefore people are becoming conscious day by day about their health and medical science has come up with many diabetes checking machines or blood glucose meter.

Diabetes is a disease caused due to increase of sugar level or glucose level  in your blood. Thus, your cell is deprived of glucose and ultimately your cells starve for food (Glucose).  It is a kind of disease where your body is not able to utilize sugar or glucose that well. Though sugar in your blood is more than enough, but same is not the case with your cells.

diabetes care

Diabetes is of two types-

1) The first type of diabetes occurs in children or young people because the pancreas is unable to produce insulin that helps in breaking food into simple sugar to release energy. Around 10% people suffer from this type of diabetes.

2) Approximately 90% of people suffer from  the second type of diabetes. It usually occurs in adults or senior citizens because of the same reason as in young people the only difference is that other factors like diet, exercise, health, obesity also contribute.

Diabetes can attack you because of many reasons. Some of which are written below-

1) Obesity or being overweight is one of the reasons of diabetes. So, if you are by any chance fat, then the risk of diabetes is more.

2) The other reason is genetic. In other words, people may  inherit it from family and they cannot do much about it.

3) If you don’t exercise regularly, then you won’t be able to burn your fat, ultimately you will suffer from diabetes.

4) It also occurs in women who are pregnant due to gestational diabetes history, but after delivery it may disappear.

In fact, people above age of 40 have high chance of diabetes. So, it is advisable for them to have a diabetes test every year.

Diabetes is a very serious disease. You may control it but cannot get rid of its trap once it caught you. Thus, you need to follow some three simple steps to help you with your diabetes care

1) Learn all about diabetes. Search in Internet, read books and consult your doctor at every step.

2) Control your diet. It is essential for you to take advice from dietician so he or she can prepare a diet chat fit for your body.

3) Last but not the least is to get a diabetes check every six months or at least in a year.

Apart from these, there are machines to check your sugar level and diabetic patients are usually suggested to check their glucose level with a blood glucose meter on a regular basis.  Blood glucose meter can fit in the palm of hands with batteries and are portable hence, many diabetic patients buy it for home use. These machines are easily available in online stores that too at reasonable prices and the Internet is a good platform to compare all these machines and buy the best.

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